Exercises During Commercial Break # 1:  Chest

During the first commercial break, you will work one of two different types of exercise for your chest.  You can do all sorts of pushup variations to target your chest, and you can also lie on your bed or Ottoman (or another flat surface in your house) and do chest flyes. 

Pushups (Workout # 1)
For pushups there are many variations and variables you can change, so choose from the following pushup styles and find a few which are fun:
  • Kneeling
  • Regular
  • “Hindu Pushups” (see pictures for more information)
  • “Dive Bomber Pushups” (see pictures for more information)

For pictures and video of how to do pushups properly, click here:

You also may always reference any exercise form recommended on this site by going here:

In addition, you may wish to add variety, lessen the intensity, or increase the intensity of a pushup.  Here are more choices for you to use so that you can "mix it up" and have lots of variety:

  • Hand Position
* Regular:  open palm, palms on the ground, shoulder-width placement
* Knuckle:  on your “fists,” fists on the ground, shoulder-width placement
* Diamond:  hands close together in a “Diamond” (where your thumbs and index fingers are touching), hands on the ground

  • Hand Elevation:
* On the ground
* Elevated slightly (example, on your bed or on the couch).  Please be safe if you choose to use this method and ensure that your levels of balance and coordination are sufficient before attempting this recommendation

  • Foot Elevation:
* On the ground
* Elevated slightly (example, on your bed or on the couch)

  • Foot Position:
* Normal:  in line with your shoulders
* Slightly wider-than-normal

Choose one or two combinations, and do them slowly and in a controlled manner for the first commercial break.  If you can only do the pushup style you selected for a few seconds then that is fine!  Take a break and resume when you catch your breath and feel strong enough to do more pushups.  Once the program comes back on you can go right back to watching the show.

Safety Note:  Be careful with different hand positions should you feel ANY pain in your neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, or fingers.  If you feel any pain, stop the exercise immediately.  Seek medical attention if something is truly wrong.

Once you get clearance to resume a push-up type of exercise, choose a more conservative version such as the kneeling version with your palms flat on the floor.  Work your way back to more advanced versions over time and GRADUALLY!

Chest Flyes (Workout # 2)

The next time you do a "Television Exericse" workout, your first commercial break's exercise will be chest flyes.  These typically involve dumbbells when in a gym setting.

Instead of using dumbbells, however, you can use household items of varying weights.  Just be sure to have items which are easy for you to grip and are not so heavy that you compromise your safety!

Here is an example of how to perform chest flyes (you would substitute your household item for the dumbbells):

Here are some household items which you can consider using instead of the dumbbells:

  • Ankle weights (if you have a pair)
  • Water bottles (filled to different amounts)
  • Thick candles
  • Tools, like a hammer (be careful as these can harm you if you drop them)
  • Cans of food

Again, safety and controlled form are ALWAYS the first priority!

Do these chest flyes in a controlled manner until your TV show resumes.  Of course, stop immediately if you feel pain, dizziness, lack of breath, or any other sign of concern.  Seek medical attention if you experience any of the previously-mentioned "warning signs" or other health concerns.

If both of the suggested exercises risk hurting you due to medical condition, then ask your doctor if you can do this simple exercise while still sitting on the couch watching TV:

Once your show resumes then you can rest until the next commercial break!  Click the link below to go to the next chapter: