Exercises During Commercial Break # 2:  Legs

For the second commercial break, all you have to do is stand up and squat down as far as you comfortably can.  Lower yourself slowly, in a controlled manner, and then stand back up.  While this may not seem like much, if you do these bodyweight squats for the 2-3 minutes of a commercial break you will feel your legs really working by the time the TV show returns from commercial break!

You do NOT have to go down as far as a baseball catcher!  Go down as far as you comfortably can, and you are welcome to have a support underneath you.  For example, squats done right in front of your couch or bed are perfect because if your legs happen to give out for any reason you will have a degree of safety directly underneath you.

Of course, stop immediately if you feel dizzy, faint, shortness of breath or at any time if you feel that something is wrong.  Do these leg exercises slowly AND under control.

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More Advanced Exercise During Commercial Break # 2

A more advanced leg exercise is “Wall-Sits.”  These are where you place your back against a wall and sit down to the point where your upper legs (a.k.a. your “lap”) is parallel to the floor.  You may not be able to do the Wall Sit for the entire 2-3 minutes, so take a rest and resume your wall-sits before the TV show returns. 

If you can last the entire 2-3 minutes then you can add small amounts of weight to gradually increase the intensity.  Choose basic items you have around the house to add gradual resistance.  Placing a telephone book on your lap, for example, could be one such option.

For a picture of how to do the exercise properly, click here:

You also can do lunges (the non-walking version) and gradually increase the resistance by holding a can of soup, a hammer, or another small (yet dense) object in your hands during the exercise.  If you decide to do lunges (walking or staying in one place) then PLEASE be careful and learn how to do proper form by never having your knee extend beyond your toes.  

Seek proper guidance on how to perform this exercise if you decide to use it.  It is very productive; you just need to master safe form for any exercise, and this one in particular.

For a picture of how to do the exercise properly, click here:

Once your TV show resumes then you can rest until the next commercial break.  During the 3rd break you will work on your back.