Exercises During Commercial Break # 3:  Back

Using some light items from your kitchen, you can do bent-over rows, using either both arms or just one arm at a time.  For example, if your hands are big enough to hold onto them, you could use the jars of pasta sauce.  You may also use a water bottle, which you can fill up gradually as you get stronger. 

You may even choose to use full plastic gallons of water since a gallon of water weighs roughly 8.3 pounds; and you may even choose to hold a heavy item like a hammer if it is easier for you to maintain your grip.  Again, safety is the # 1 priority!

Do these rows in a slow and controlled manner for the length of the commercial break to work your back muscles.

For a picture of how to do the exercise properly, click here:

(Instead of dumbbells, you would use bags of rice, jars of sauce, filled bottles of water, etc.)

You also can reference any exercise form mentioned on this website by visiting this link:

More Advanced Exercises During Commercial Break # 3

You may also do the “Table Maker” for slow, controlled repetitions during a commercial break.  See the pictures for details on how to do it.


If you have a pull-up bar available to you, feel free to use it during your commercial break.  You may do a variety of exercises with it:

  • Chin-ups (hands facing away from you)
  • Pull-ups (hands facing toward you)
  • Pull-ups using a towel
  • Negative Chin-ups
This is where you stand on a chair to get to the top portion of a chin-up, and then you lower yourself very slowly to the bottom position.  You then climb the chair to get to the top position and lower yourself very slowly again

See the pictures for instructions on how to do various chin-ups and pull-ups.

You would do these with your palms facing you if easier; and you could put your hands closer together.

Again, safety is paramount!

Do these for as long as you can.  You may not necessarily be able to do back exercises for the full commercial break.  That is fine!  Just progress as best as you can and be sure to focus on slow, controlled form.  Adding weight (resistance) will come over time.

Of course, stop immediately if you feel any pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, or any other sign of medical concern.  Seek attention should you experience any of these signs.