Exercises During Commercial Break # 4:  Arms

Exercise For The Biceps (1st Half Of Commercial Break # 4)

During this commercial break, you can arm curl the jars of pasta sauce, the water bottle, or even full gallons of water to work your biceps.  Make sure that you do each exercise in a slow, controlled manner.  Please note that your biceps will get some work from the back exercise you did in the previous commercial break, so only do bicep work for 60-90 seconds.

For a picture of how to do the exercise properly, click here:

You also can reference any exercise form mentioned on this website by visiting this link:

You would use filled water bottles, bags of rice or beans, a hammer, or another weighted object which you can handle instead of the dumbbells.

Exercise For The Triceps (2nd Half Of Commercial Break # 4)

To work your triceps (the remaining 60-90 seconds of this commercial break) you can lie on your bed holding a light item (like the pasta sauce jars) and stick your arms straight in front of you.  Bending only at the elbow joint, lower your forearms while keeping your triceps straight in front of you; then raise the weight back to the original position.  This will work your triceps. 

See the pictures for a visual explanation:

Instead of dumbbells, you would use bags of rice, filled bottles of water, etc.

As with earlier exercises, you can gradually increase the weight once you are able to handle the current weight for the commercial break.

You also can do an overhead triceps extension: