Exercises During Commercial Break # 5:  Calves

Either standing on the first step of your staircase, or even on the ground, slowly raise and lower your body simply by slowly raising yourself onto your toes.  Then lower your body slowly back down.  If you do these on your staircase please keep your hands near the railing for safety, and make sure that the balls of your feet are completely on the stairs. 

Make sure that only your heels over the edge of the step.  Remember that safety always comes first! 

If you feel the need to add some extra resistance, wear a backpack (like students carry) or another sort of bag which you can put over your shoulders.  Start with small amounts of weight, such as 1-5 pounds.  For example, you can add a one-pound (16 ounce) bag of rice or beans to the backpack.

For pictures and video of how to do the exercise properly, click here:

You also can reference any exercise form mentioned on this website by visiting this link:

Instead of dumbbells, you would use bags of rice or other items which could fit into a backpack. It is possible for you to hold these items, but you must be careful not to drop an item which could hurt you and/or break apart if it fell to the floor and possibly hurt you.

As you get stronger, gradually increase the weight used by a pound or two at a time.  Remember that small, incremental increases will allow your body to adapt properly and reduce the odds of any injury.

Safety note:  do this exercise slowly and gradually.  If your calves are tight, then stretch them gently for the first 30 seconds of the commercial break.  You do not want to risk injury to your Achilles tendon or other ligaments in your feet, so be careful.

You also can do these in a seated manner:

If you need to add weight to a seated calf raise then consider adding light weight like the example of the phone book for the "Wall Sit" exercise during the commercial break for your legs.