How Fast You Should Do The Exercises And How Often

Please do all of these exercises slowly and under control.  “Slowly” means that it should take you between 2-4 seconds for the lifting phase of the motion and 2-4 seconds for the lowering phase of the motion.  If you have not exercised in a long time, doing repetitions slowly will help you regain flexibility and reduce the chances of injury. 

While you may think that it would be impossible to hurt yourself with some of the recommendations in this book, there is always the risk of injury if you are careless or neglect safety precautions. 

Remember that this workout is designed to get you motivated to exercising again.  It is not a workout for a bodybuilder, long-distance runner, or an aspiring athlete. 

The workout is designed to give your body a full dose of exercise and lots of time from which to recover, catch your breath, and get stronger over the upcoming weeks. 

Start off doing this workout twice a week.  This means you will exercise during two one-hour television shows.  Remember that since you will watch them anyway you can put your time to good use! 

Stay with this suggestion for the 5-6 weeks and then determine if the exercises have become a little easier.  If so, here are some ways to add variety while progressing at the same time:

  • Do your workout during a different television show and determine which shows give you the best inspiration for your workout
  • Add a 3rd workout during the week
  • Add a little bit of resistance to your exercises.  For example, if you use a water bottle filled half-way for one of your exercises then you can fill it ¾ of the way
  • Always make gradual increases so that your body can adapt
  • Try one of the advanced exercises recommended for a particular body part
  • Try and do the exercises for a few seconds longer than the last workout
  • Stick with the twice-a-week workout and add a brisk walk or bike ride if the weather permits
  • Invite a friend to workout with you during a particular television show

By adding variety to your workouts you will keep things fresh and fun!  Just remember to keep your safety and your overall health as your # 1 priorities.

Let's get started now with what you should do during the first commercial break of your favorite TV show!