Introduction To The Television Exercise Program

If you are reluctant to do much exercise, feel intimidated about going to the gym, or simply have no time in your life to exercise, you still can get some terrific health benefits by working out at home…during your favorite TV show!  And the best part is that you won’t miss a second of the program!

This workout is terrific if you have been sedentary for a long time, just recovering from injury, or simply do not like exercising in public.  It is also great if you exercise and you need a quick workout to be done while away from home or on business travel.

The average hour-long prime time network television show has roughly 42 minutes of programming and 18 minutes of commercial advertising.  The average commercial break lasts roughly three minutes, so you can work out in the comfort of your own home or hotel room using just your own body and common household items.  Of course, please read the disclaimer and get medical approval before starting or making any changes to your current exercise and nutrition regimen.

Here is the workout which can be done even if you live in an apartment with neighbors who live below you and complain about any noises you make!

Obvious Points

Obviously, this is a “beginner” workout.  Most doctors and certified health experts would recommend that you do cardiovascular exercise (including walking) for a sustained period of time several days a week.  Others would include resistance training (e.g. weight training) as part of your minimum health regimen. 

This guide is designed to help those of you who haven’t worked out in years, those of you who barely have any energy at the end of the day to overcome emotional fatigue due to family and job stress, or just for those of you who travel for work and check into the hotel after the on-site gym is closed for the night.  It also applies to those of you who live in areas where it is neither warm enough nor safe enough to exercise away from home after work.

Again, this workout is designed to be a “catalyst.”  It is intended to get you moving and making exercise fun again.  Once you gain some momentum, you THEN can upgrade to a more traditional fitness and exercise program with your doctor’s approval.  Of course, should your doctor tell you that any suggestions in this manual are not approved for you to follow THEN LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR!!!  His or her instructions are always to be followed over any fitness advice you read in this manual or any other fitness and exercise literature.

Be sure to eat healthy food, drink adequate amounts of clean water, and try to go for a walk as often as possible.  And remember to have fun with these recommendations!