How To Make Exercising At Home In Front Of The Television More Fun

Once you have a base level of condition and experience, here are some fun things you can do to make working out while watching television more entertaining:

  • Watching Sports # 1:  If you cheer for a certain football team, do the specific number of repetitions to match your team’s point total when they score.  For example, if your team scores a touchdown to take the lead 14 to 7, you would do 14 bodyweight squats or pushups (or another exercise)
  • Watching Sports #2:  Instead of commercial breaks over one hour, like a regular TV show, you can do an exercise between innings, quarters, or periods.  If the game has a TV timeout before the end of the inning/quarter/period, then stretch gently during that television commercial break
  • Deck of Cards:  Play a game of “War” with a friend, and if you win the high card then you have to do that number of repetitions of a specific exercise.  For example, if you draw a King and your friend draws a three then you win the hand.  You would do ten pushups (or whatever exercise you choose), and then the two of you would draw cards again
  • Notice grammatical errors in television shows.  When you notice a grammatical error by a television reporter or actor in a TV show then choose a pre-determined number of repetitions of a particular exercise you will do.  By the end of one hour-long show you may be surprised at how many repetitions you had to do!

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