Other Exercises You Can Do

If you have medical permission to do so, you may also do other free or low-cost exercises during commercial breaks.  You can:

  • Run In Place:  take as many “breathers” as you need.  Over time, your conditioning levels will increase and you will be able to raise your knees higher each time you raise your legs
  • Jump Rope:  this is a fantastic exercise and one which will improve your conditioning.  Again, only do these if you have medical clearance to do them.  Start slow, work up gradually, and keep the fancy jump rope techniques to a minimum for now!

{NOTE:  If you live in a setting where you have neighbors or family living underneath you then ask permission to jump rope or run in place}

  • Posing:  you can actually learn quite a lot from a bodybuilder or figure model.  Posing is a terrific form of isometric exercise.  You can learn to feel your muscles work, and generate tension in the muscle group in order feel the muscular contraction.  While you may not be a bodybuilder or figure competitor you can still learn from them and practice posing as it is a great “no weight” workout.  This may also work for you if you have serious injuries or arthritis where moving your limbs may cause tremendous pain.  Talk with your physician about posing before you start to use this technique, especially if you have any history of heart or blood pressure concerns.  Here is a starting point for posing.
  • Elastic Bands:  you can also do exercises with specialized elastic bands.  Talk with your physician for a review of which exercises are good for you to do, and then head over to the sporting goods store!  You also may purchase them online and they are relatively inexpensive.  Here is a sample workout you can do with the bands:   

If you need elastic bands/tubing/cables then click here:
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Grizzly Resistance Cables, Heavy

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  • Calisthenics:  yes, those old exercises you learned in gym class are still great!  Do jumping jacks and squat thrust exercises once you have medical approval to do them
  • Stretching:  If exercising is too strenuous for your particular situation, then consider stretching during the commercial breaks.  Remember to breathe in a relaxed and easy manner, and keep everything gentle.  Do not stretch to the point of pain!  Here are some basic stretches which you can do during your commercial breaks.