Recap And Final Thoughts On At Home Television Exercise

Here is a recap of what you need to do:

  • Get medical approval BEFORE starting or changing to any new exercise program.  Anything that your doctor recommends for your specific situation is to be followed and considered top priority over what you read in this report!
  • Find household items which you can use for your exercises.  Remember to weigh them so that you know how much weight you are using at any point in time.  Items could include:
o    Bags of rice or beans
o    Water bottles
o    Gallons of water (in one-gallon or half-gallon containers)
o    A hammer
o    A book or phone book

  • Review the exercise pictures/videos.  If you are still confused, then search the internet for video of proper exercise form from an authority site.
  • Be willing to commit to doing this routine at least once a week.  Starting off you should do this no more than 2 times a week, and only for one television show per day that you work out.
  • Work up gradually in EVERY aspect of this workout!  If all you can do is one kneeling pushup during the first commercial break, and that is all you can do, then that is fine!  Over time, work to increase the number of repetitions, the number of exercises, the weight used, and the intensity used for your exercises.  Remember, you are doing these only during commercials so you will have lots of rest time before the next exercise.
  • Do all movements in a slow, controlled, and deliberate manner.  If you have to stop after 20 seconds that’s fine!  Start light, work your way up, and over time you will make progress!
  • STOP IMMEDIATELY if you feel anything is wrong.  If you feel pain, shortness of breath, or other feelings that something is wrong, you must stop immediately!  Seek medical attention right away, and then later you can determine what caused the painful experience.

Final Note

Hopefully you found more variety for training in front of your TV than you could have imagined possible!  Let this free home exercise guide serve as the catalyst to help you make great changes in your exercise and eating habits.  Ideally, you should view exercise as something fun and worth doing… and you don’t have to miss your favorite TV shows either!

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