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Over time, you can increase your walking or other cardiovascular exercise (like bike riding), make sure that you start to “clean up” your eating habits, reduce alcohol and tobacco use, and add a more intense form of resistance training (e.g. using resistance tubing or weight training).

You even can intensify your current exercises by making them gradually more difficult.  For example, you can do pushups with your feet slightly elevated on a phone book or the couch.

All of these incremental signs of progress are great habits to improve your physical and mental health.  They will increase the physical benefit you get from the exercises AND give you increased confidence because you are making progress.

Either way, doing the recommended exercises during commercial breaks is a great way to get started back into exercising and get motivated to do more advanced exercises when you medically cleared to do so.

Later on you can shadow box (like boxers do), perform walking lunges (make sure your knee never goes past your front toe), and other advanced body weight exercise techniques.  You can see more exercises here.

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